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Additives for hydroseeding


iGGvital SG is based on a special liquid polymer combined with auxiliaries such as wetting agents, driers (accelerating oxygen uptake) and defoaming agents. iGGvital SG is emulsified in water and than spray-applied to the surface to be protected where it penetrates up to 20 mm in depth, depending on the absorbency of the soil substrate.

After its application, iGGvital SG reacts with atmospheric oxygen and within a few hours a firm, water-insoluble network is formed. As a result all wet particles such as sand grains, fertilizer, seed and other materials become bound to the surface.

The cured iGGvital SG does not seal the surface of the soil, indeed the soil absorbency for rain is fully maintained by the open matrix-like character of its bound (stabilized) structure. Germination and plant growth remain unimpaired.


Fixsation of seed, fertilizer and soil amendments on the surface of the soil, a network of long-chained polybutadiene molecules fixes together the soil particles, the fixation cover is absolutly water permeable, the network is slowly reduced by ultraviolet radiation, the hydrocarbons are declined into carbon dioxide and water.

Field of application:

grassing of virgin soils, dust binding of fine-grained surfaces.

Time of application:

All time, but not during heavy rainfall, when snow on the ground, with frost in the soil.


  in %
Polybutadien    95.0
Additives   5.0

Tank of 1.200 kg


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iGGvital SG


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