Erosion control blankets

iGGmat erosion control blankets consist of natural fibers that provide an excellent soil retention capacity. The fibers are sewed up by a thread of polypropylene and jute, shaping a sturdy blanket. Once applied to the ground, the blanket's compact design offers protection from erosion right from the start.

The iGGmat erosion control blanket offers such an excellent protection because it permanently prevents multiple forms of erosion (rain-, wind- and water-erosion). That way newly planted vegetation will find ideal basis for rooting and growing even under harsh conditions.

iGGmat blankets are available in various designs which have been perfected over decades to fit many different purposes. Our experts will be happy to help you find the one that serves your needs best.

If your project poses particular demands for erosion control, which are not yet met by our products, we will be happy to develop and customize a new line of blankets for you. Just give us a call! 

IGG Matten IGGmat 1

IGG Matten IGGmat 2

IGG Matten IGGmat 3