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Additives for hydroseeding


iGGvital SC is an organic slow-release fertilizer with a soil improving effect. It is manufactured of the mycelium of the soil fungus. After application and irrigation the dehydrated and granulated substance serves as a slow-release source of nutrients.

Nitrogen which is organically bound (in protein structures) is released as ammonium by slowly microbial decomposition.

The microbial biomass works additionally as a soil improvement material and supports the micro-organisms and small animals which are living in the soil.


Nutrient lacking soils in horticulture and landscaping, recultivation of virgin soils of road and rail embankments, hydroseeding, forestry, grassing of skiruns, fertilization of athletic grounds and parks. During the whole period of grass growing. The best time is short before longer periods of rainfall. For trees during time of planting. One time 50 to 250 g/m² depending on location and type of soil.


Stimulation of the humus formation, activation of the microbial soil life, activation of the plant development, increase of plants´ hardiness, stimulation of the hardiness of the plants, long-lasting nutrient supply of the plants. Microbial bio-mass of soil fungi and bacteria. Mix of dried granules and powder, size of grain 3 to 5 mm, sterilized.


  in %
N nitrogen organically   8.0
P2O5 phosphorus  4.0
K2O potassium  2.0

C/N ratio: 6-8

vitamins and micro elements

As this is a biological fertilizer the minimum content is named above. In general the content is higher.


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iGGvital SC

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