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Additives for hydroseeding


The particular feature of iGGvital SF is the combination of soil reinforcement and stabilizer in one product. It is made of polyacrylamides (PAM) and used as an adhesive for hydroseeding. These characteristics prevent soil erosion from (rain)water and simultaneously improve soil permeability.

iGGvital SF is completely harmless for soil and water. It is decomposed naturally by UV radiation and microorganisms living in the soil. It decays into CO2, H2O and ammonium nitrate. The nitrogen group of molecules is quickly absorbed by the microorganisms present in the soil. The carbon group composts 10 to 15 % per year depending on the UV radiation.


iGGvital SF can be used over the course of an entire year. It is used as aggregates for hydroseeding.


Using iGGvital SF improves the adhesive capacity of the spray mass on the soil. The use of iGGvital SF reduces erosion due to rainwater by an average of 95 %. Additionally the soil porosity is improved and that way an even water infiltration into the soil is ensured. It ensures uniform water infiltration in the soil. On silty, loamy soil the porosity increases by + 35 % and on silty, sandy soil by + 50 %. In addition, the porosity and stability of the soil which is improved by iGGvital SF leads to an increase of the germination rate of sensitive seedlings of up to 35 %. Depending on the type of soil and weather conditions, the effect of iGGvital SF lasts up to six months.


iGGvital SF is a white powder and consists of water soluble anionic polymers.


1 kg/bag or 25 kg/bag

Technical specifications: 

  Application rate* Slope
outside of the vegetation time 1,0 - 2,0 g/m² < 1:2
during the vegetation time 0,5 - 1,5 g/m² < 1:2

*Average values, which must be adapted depending on the actual conditions of the location and other materials used.


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iGGvital SoilFix

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