Erosion control geotextile JG 500

iGGtecx JG 500 woven jute geotextile is used to secure erosion-prone slopes, plains, or other areas with low inclination (slopes with up to 10° incline). It is ideally suited whenever the risk of erosion is considered to be low due to the ground slope and the soil condition or the topgraphic location.

Woven coir geotextile

Erosion control fabrics from the product group iGGtecx KGW, woven coir geotextiles, oftentimes are a more suitable alternative to iGGmat erosion control blankets, especially for construction projects on exposed areas at risk from erosion, as well as on shorelines of still waters and streams. A huge advantage is the long lifetime of three to five years due to the high lignin content of the coir fibers. Furthermore it is used if the desired vegetation needs more than one vegetation period to be established. The individual woven fibers slow the water speed of rainfall or of water streams and thus protect the soil surface and young plants. The denser the mesh, and thus denser the woven coir that is used on the soil surface, the greater is the protective effect. We recommend wooden pins or U-shaped fixing pins from the iGGfix product group for fastening iGGtecx KGW.